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die my will were a metalcore band formed in january 1996 in southington and bristol connecticut. the band consisted of Brandon Dubrosky on guitar and vocals, Rob Wisner also on guitar and vocals, Todd Reynolds on bass, and Jeff Mielcarz on drums. justin foley from western ma's red tide, later of killswitch engage, would fill in on drums when jeff wasn't around. todd ran drawn & quartered records, putting out the eponymous debut ep and the split 7" with all you've lost, amongst others. they broke up in 2000, seemingly with a few new projects in the works and even talk with equal vision records to put something out.
as of may 2020, brandon plays guitar in the hardcore band occult knife. jeff, rob and brandon were formerly in the connecticut hardcore band fine line. jeff filled in on drums for hatebreed during a tour and was formerly in the punk band big mistake. brandon and jeff occasionally filled in for the cthc band earthendesign.

about me - i am a big fan of hardcore and many other genres of music. i live right outside boston, massachusetts, usa. you can find more info about me and my other sites here