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Where have I gone - out from the mouths of saviors - knelt before my cross I fall under my burden - I cry in anger for my soul - take me back take me away - the demons rip at my flesh - my life ignites into flames - now who is my savior - I no longer live in your world - I've killed, I have killed that part of me - I no longer bear your name - The pain - the pain of forever knowing - I suffer


I'm not your son - I am not the one who will take your name - I'm not your seed - I will never live life from your failure - I'm not of you - From what bonds do you hold me? - Escaping my feelings can't cure my sickness - Escaping my feelings won't stop my pain - Escaping my feelings won't save me from death - Escaping my feelings won't save me from life - My mind withers with disbelief - Planted in your soil - Power is the demon that you can't control - Your mind rots - twisted in from - by your god - Under one will we lose our identity - Inside of these walls we grow to our ends - Unable to see worlds other than our own - You are unable to see worlds other than your own - We create the suffering - We Empower - We feed the beast - We tend it's wounds - We accept - We are to blame


Loss of life - to overwhelming to realize that you are killing the one thing in this world that is your own - sink - emotionless - abandon dream - lost - You walk on glass - molten stone - but you skin does not wear - numb are your senses to the point of constant pain - I will not defend for you anymore - you are to strong in your weakness - bask in the sullen clouds of black - soothed by the comfort of false reality - one day I will climb the trees you have cut down - across land - through fire - one day I will burn the bridges passed down - I've become more than you and now I see


Now the wise me spoken - made of their lies - their stories burn - now I tell lies - torn away I fall - out of your sight I die patiently - at my ends I breathe in the burning soil - blind to what I will become - no longer my will fall slave to lust - scattered my beliefs among the promise of eternal life - life lived in fear - torn and taut - never learned of it's death - now my eyes are open - and the stories burn - life momentum shifted - I can never be whole - torn away I grow


all we are - we are wrong - five hundred years - I have lived in the stomach of a man - no longer my will fall slave to lust - as blood clots my veins pulse with swollen pride for the demon prophet has stolen my way - consciousness faded the door was not locked - only your mind - jaded by tradition - fostered in faith you grow blind - destroy the ideals that suffocate you - you self-righteous whore - trephinate - five hundred years - we have drank from the sloth of mankind wisdom - I know now that we were wrong - to unlearn - your life - your world - your gods - brings pain to great to endure - gauh - the liar - the thief and the pervert - among tangled weeds we become as one twisted being - gauh - the savior - the beast and the prophet reach down from the heavens to steal away our flesh - we all become just as you


they entertain our minds shroud in disbelief enterprise our love to feed out hate represent it with arms held close to the hearth the warmth of our pain fills their blood it alone makes them breath united we could stand but still we fall deeper cast in their lies we create the new religion - unity


I'm in hell - I can't see out - beyond the light my eyes lose their color - you drain all emotion - you watch as my life dies - my god can you save me - the throe of improvement - dispossessed by illusion - as I watch the visage rise - I pray to the angels of god to comfort my soul - to come for my soul - I pray to the angels of god - I pray for my soul - past the light - I can't find redemption - take me home



hatred builds until something must give - subduction - there is no absolute truth - we fall under - call it science - call it religion - call it reason it's the same fucking thing - only words with our meanings - nothing to live by - they are only words - life's delusional minds take advantage of life's delusional minds take advantage of life


I cast my finger of blame - I refuse myself verity - I sit and wait to condemn - I deny myself the truth - life is an empty contradiction - this life I lead is not my own - my enemy myself - life's abstraction finds meaning in this tireless stain

OVER THE EDGE COMP III from Endless Fight Recs


you call yourself open-minded but you can not even see past yourself - you cry for unity but not from all - day in day out I watch you judge others the same way you have been judged - you have become exactly what you hate - let me live my life - who are you to say - I don't know you - how can you hate me - you won't try to know me - blanket your eyes with your reality - so far sunken back into yourself - have you lost your sight - what must you prove - what are your reasons - to what end - I can't believe - I won't believe everyone is the same as you - after the smoke clears my eyes still scared still blurred - after the wars end how many still die in our vein - Fruitless - our egotism - Noxious - self-complacency - Selfish - our obstacle is our vanity

THE CT BROTHERHOOD COMP on Stillborn Records


What is gained - from this massacre - only wasted life - we kill all that we can - no fighting chance - no equal life - we are superior only in our minds - Stop - Slave - We're killing ourselves as we destroy this world - suffocating on our own existence - We are damned - We will fall and we will bleed for all the lives that we have enslaved - the time has come - the time is now for innovation - we're standing on the edge of our own destruction


for absolution

as we fall - deeper enslaved - to our own needs - we lose our choice - to what controls us - I am aware - we are not alone - on this earth - still I destroy - dreams breath life - into apathetic minds - we neglect - just what we are - we have removed - we separate - torn apart - from everything - failing - separate - now we pray for absolution - now we beg forgiveness - now in need we stand alone


orret, i am alone - bleeding - i am alone - falling - headlong through seas of archaic judgement - my only hope - unbroken passage - my only fear - unbroken passage - pay my fare - with the coins from my eyes - i fear to proceed - but i need to progress - despite what i know - waits for me - behind your fairy tale - lives my deceit - for so long i've believed i've denied myself the truth - the truth not easily seen - what was once the truth has bled the lie - my fated life - i won't believe the lies - i won't accept anymore - i won't fall silent


cables wrapped - so tightly - around your purpose - bleeding - no room for fault - must make amends - for your prominence broken - all your life you have fallen - down - your seasons end - innate from humanity - crippled by - conviction - foolish aberrations of your ambition - contrived answers - forced into doctrine - before they are certain - forged - with your sanction - your glory lost - remembered as a fool - forsaken now - still falling

and they wept

souls defilade - behind fates of origin - we crawl through their failings - i am told to smile - despite my anger - you are told it won't kill you - but it has - i won't end - i am not satisfied with unfounded answers - i will not stop until i know i have tried with all my heart - i will not stop until i have learned the answers stolen from the child's question - met with paradise... and they wept - i have found in myself - the strength to carry on - i have taken from myself - the strength to carry on - i found in myself - the faith to carry on

fail sun god

fail sun god - are you still living? - i am alive - concealing in the dirt - beneath your feet - the clouds that sear your being consumes my passion - the lies you create - have taken life - now they raise - deformed - they live but to betray you - your death - brings me closer - to understanding - human dependence - lost - scarred from the pain and the endless abuse - all alone in a room of flies - consuming your mask to dissever the truth - i cast my fist through my heart - and wait for the end of time - in my time of need you dissolve - now you are nothing - and i am free


walk this earth - truth is a tired man - life is a struggle - for true existence - i can't make sense - i descend - back to my start - innocence guide me - i can't discern - your good from evil - i can't make sense - i won't be ruined - walk this earth - truth is a tired lonely man - his existence marks our denial - i die a thousand times - only to find myself - searching for answers that i can't comprehend - i die a thousand deaths - inside but one life - i cry a thousand tears - and so i learn

golden calf

insulted - by how small you think i am - insulted - by what you think will satisfy me - insulted - by your unfounded arrogance - by the ignorance - that surrounds you - what makes you who you are - what's your purpose - to destroy - the innocence that you covet? - through the eyes of a child - you grow more grotesque - in your mind you sift through - desperation - in the overwhelmed - you breed what you hate - you're our idol? - you're our hero? - i cast you back for the sake of truth - you're our traitor - you're our pride - the pride that tears away the suture - you're not our savior - you decieve - you deafen the already blind - you're the conceit - you're the evil - i cut it off - for all to see - you want me to live in your world of fabrication - i won't go on slave to your lies - i cast you back for the sake of truth - you breed what you hate - insulted by those around me that eagerly swallow down your lies


woken by the arms of a broken sun - our harvests fallen to ground - still we eat from the filthy mange growing up from nothing - starving but we can't eat our bellies are full - choking down immoderation - growing up from nothing - why - wounded our pride betrays itself - wages the war already lost - to battle twelve thousand locusts rising up from nothing - scarred - faint now we live in shadows - everyday wishing to regain - the innocence lost with the seed growing up from nothing


two small souls try to hide - hands covering their eyes - to escape from - sold into belief - for three coins - she pays - I believe - from the pediment above hands force down - fingers pull at their brows - damnation or the cure - last judgement